Elements or Lower

Thu, 06 May 2004

I’ll have 6,000 chicken vadgidas…

I do a lot of my work for an organisation entitled FISITA. It’s a French acronym, and they’re basically an umbrella group for automotive engineering societies across the globe.

But you do always have to carefully spell their name. Being in the automotive industry, they get called Fiesta a lot, and Ian and I often refer to them as Fajita. But, today, I had cause to mention them to a new contact, who remarked, “that sounds a bit like Fistula, doesn’t it?”

Jiminy. Well, between you and me, I think the car shenanigans is a smokescreen — really, they’re FIST AI, a guerilla group dedicated to overthrowing the mounting threat of neural network global domination.

You heard it here first.