Elements or Lower

Sun, 17 Dec 2006

Three Months

So Zoë is now a whole quarter of a year old, and my hermitage must end sometime. Some observations, by way of rehabilitation:

  1. Zoë is so preternaturally disinclined to cry when out in public that people seem to believe we must be adding valium to her milk.

  2. To eat and poo simultaneously is the sole prerogative of babies and Elvis.

  3. The missus has finally given in to the cult of Livejournal.

  4. Steriliser manufacturers seem to believe it’s their mission to make their products the loudest thing in one’s house. Wake up everyone! The bottles are ready! The bottles are ready!

  5. The bottles are ready!

  6. In recent days, Zoë has put herself into a bedtime routine, begun to grip objects and learned to laugh. She rocks.