Elements or Lower

Fri, 07 Apr 2006

The Local e-Gov Expo

I spent Wednesday and Thursday as an exhibitor at the Local e-Gov Expo at the frankly colossal ExCeL centre, along with various personnel from Woking Borough Council.

Because Window on Woking was funded as part of the e-Innovations programme, we’d been asked to attend as part of an “e-Innovations village”. Since a key factor in the funding was the production of deliverables that could be used by other local authorities, we’re offering the system as a hosted solution. It’ll be really interesting to see if any other local authorities take us up on this.

Quality free merchandise in a range of densities!

My experience of these kinds of event is limited to a brief walk-round of the exhibition at the FISITA 2004 World Automotive Congress, shopping trips to a couple of Mac shows, and a tradition of demonstrating graphics software for a company called Cerilica at a bunch of Acorn shows.

Ah, the nostalgia. Not only were these shows the last time I got to share a beer with Dunstan Orchard, they also represented a time when I was one of the least geeky people in the room, rather than the most.