Elements or Lower

Thu, 04 May 2006


And thus do I briefly celebrate what may be a Juncture of Great Import in the history of broadcast television: the celestial alignment of such glorious entertainment that angelic choirs doth erupt and spew from the Sky. Alas, it cannot last.

  1. Doctor Who

    Gather round, my children, for this is the Boe Selector.

  2. Lost

    Though some may turn their heads away, I am not of their number. Give me flashbacks or give me death.

  3. Battlestar Galactica

    Kneel, good people, and worship at the altar of Baltar.

  4. 24

    As the scriptures tell us, “Guns don’t kill people: Jack Bauer kills people.”

  5. American Idol

    There are annals of secret shame in which may be found much from the Opus Nigellum.

  6. The Apprentice

    And thus it comes to pass that the Badger may inherit the Earth.

  7. My Name is Earl

    I, too, have wasted electricity, and saw that it was good.