Elements or Lower

Wed, 25 Mar 2009

End of Line

There’s little I can say about the finale of Battlestar Galactica that hasn’t already been said, except to note that it’s one of the few times a TV show has managed to turn a lengthy, multi-season episodic structure so successfully into a single, cohesive narrative. Sure, there are a handful of loose ends, but it’s important to distinguish between a loose end (Starbuck’s scar) and a deliberate ambiguity (Starbuck). What’s more, the spirituality manifest in the finale was there all along, but we’d chosen as an audience to explain it away. Who predicted that when Head Six spoke of God’s will, she was telling the literal truth?

Moore and Eick didn’t have an ending mapped out when they began, but unlike many (*cough* George Lucas *cough*), they’ve been quite honest about it. Nonetheless, the seeds that they planted were treated carefully and responsibly. It’s a difficult trick to juggle their harvest with the demands of providing a climax to the drama, and a resolution for each character.

I only hope that, in a couple of years, Lost can deliver a conclusion as satisfying as this.