Elements or Lower

Thu, 16 Dec 2004

The IP Address for the Soul

So I’m dreaming about the death penalty, for which I blame the missus and her Year 9 class entirely. In the dream, I’m responsible for the technical implementation of a new form of capital punishment.

The technique goes like this: all the major systems within the brain have a neurological equivalent of an IP address, and one only needs to perform a Slashdotting on a specific pair of those neuro-IP addresses to cause death.

The first is the IP address for the soul. The second is responsible for timing regulation in the brain, and much like one can comprehensively stiff a Mac by using cheap memory, overloading this causes the body to twitch and spasm for a few seconds before the execution is complete. The Denial-of-Service attack on the soul, of course, actually brings on instantaneous death; but the second stage is entirely necessary to avoid the body going into persistent vegetative state.

There are, I hardly need mention, a number of things that disturb me about this dream, not least of which is the fact that launching this most geeky of judicial murders still involved heaving down a dirty great big lever on a wall.