Elements or Lower

Mon, 17 May 2004

SubEthaEdit 2

Unexpectedly (for me, at any rate), SubEthaEdit 2 is out.

Since switching to Mac OS X from RISC OS last year, SubEthaEdit has been very much my editor of choice, and gets pretty much daily use. I couldn’t warm to BBEdit, partly because I quickly became interested in basing my most frequently used applications as much as possible on Cocoa. More of all that another time, though.

It’s easy to dismiss SubEthaEdit as being purely a remarkable experiment in realtime collaborative editing, but as a straightforward, lean editing environment, it’s fabulous — and it’s the only editor on Mac OS X that features blockediting, just like my old faithful StrongED (gawd bless it) on the Acorn. The new version adds some features that were nonetheless sorely lacking in version 1: regex-based search and replace, and a split-screen viewing option.

For commercial use, there’s now a 21 (or thereabouts) price tag, which I don’t consider at all unreasonable, especially for an application that forms such a strong part of my life with OS X.