Elements or Lower

Tue, 15 Jul 2008

Call me Noel Edmonds

It’s so good to have the iPhone back after a month with a horribly cracked screen, and this weekend afforded us the opportunity to use the GPS tracking in the maps application as we tried to navigate Milton Keynes.

And, of course, the weekend afforded the opportunity to download a bunch of iPhone apps. My favourite so far? Vicinity, which uses the GPC to provide lists of relevant Wikipedia articles, Flickr photos, banks, shops, restaurants and other local facilities based on your current location. Here’s one of the top Flickr photos for our home in Greenwich. Isn’t that just beautiful?

But I’d very much like to put a wish out there and see if the cosmos responds. There’s one app that would be really, hugely useful to me when I’m away from the studio, and that (with email) would reassure me that I could deal with work emergencies even while I’m travelling.

And that’s a SSH client. Sure, entering command line incantations using a tiny keyboard is hardly ideal, but at least it would then be possible to reboot Apache, check the contents of a MySQL database or even tweak site code if absolutely necessary, something that I’ve sorely missed on some holidays I’ve been on. It turns out that I’m not alone in wanting this.

I’d actually quite like a separate MySQL client app too, not unlike the venerable CocoaMySQL, but then I fear I’d be veering into pony territory.