Elements or Lower

Tue, 09 Nov 2004

The New Article Seven Site

…I say “site”; really I mean “page”.

In a fit of insomnia last night, I decided that I was waiting too long for myself when it came to the redesign of article7.co.uk. I was hesitant over duplicating the old site structure, but indecisive over what the new structure should be.

How much to focus on the CMS? Should the CMS have a name first? How elaborate to make the case studies? Should I keep the graphic design angle?

But I’ve been unhappy with the old site for some time now. So, I decided to take the homepage layout I’d put together and simply fashion a new single-paged site out of it, merely linking to a selection of sites from the portfolio.

I may develop it from here, such that most of what you now see becomes a link to more information. But at least this represents my current direction rather better than the old site — for one thing, as promised, it’s entirely CSS-driven. Unfortunately, it breaks rather if you bump up the text size (IE won’t let you, as I’ve defined the starting size in pixels) — this represents an accessibility problem, of course, which is a touch hypocritical. I’ll work on addressing that soon enough.

But for now, at any rate, real work is calling again.