Elements or Lower

Wed, 30 Nov 2005

Both Honoured and Shamed

Observe, if you will, item #40 in this list of links from about a year ago.

Now, on the one hand, I’m massively honoured that Joe Clark, renowned accessibility specialist and author of what has affectionately come be known in some circles as the Goatse book, has actually seen my blog, let alone seen fit to link to it and describe it as both a “radically unusual weblog format” and “nice to look at in Safari”.

On the other, I’m shamed that the same Joe Clark, renowned accessibility specialist, observed that it was guilty of “violating all sorts of WCAG requirements”.

I never actually realised that the old design here had serious accessibility problems — but as someone that likes to consider themselves both a web professional, and accessibility-considerate, it bothers me tremendously that it might have, and even more that I didn’t realise. Having said that, I know there were validation issues with the old design that I never bothered to address fully, and there are a couple of (WAI-AA and above) guidelines that catch me out every time, so hopefully the problems were related to those and nothing that I’m likely to unwittingly perpetuate as a matter of idiom.

I’ve checked out the new design with validity and accessibility in mind, and it seems to have a more-or-less clean bill of health. Guideline 10.5 bites me here even now, though, which is a pity.