Elements or Lower

Fri, 28 May 2004

Would you like some smugness with that, sir?

Whilst I can’t claim not to be delighted by this, what’s worrying is that some of the councils involved in the SiteMorse report actually managed to achieve a 0% accessibility rating. Given that the criteria were those of WAI-A compliance, achieving 0% is quite a remarkable feat. So much so, in fact, that I can’t help wondering just what happened.

The accessibility objectives for the Woking site are to ensure that the regular site is always 100% WAI-A compatible, and that the “Easy Access” version is always at least WAI-AA compatible. We’d like to achieve WAI-AAA compatibility for the Easy Access version, but full compatibility to that level is a much harder task, and so the objective simply reflects that we might well not completely succeed for all pages.

Clearly, my aim to translate the design of the regular site into a standards-based design is likely to raise the bar somewhat, as the regular site might then achieve WAI-AA compatibility itself. We’ll see how that project might impact the utility of the Easy Access version once I get the chance to devote some serious time to it.