Elements or Lower

Tue, 28 Sep 2004

The Uphill Battle

It seems that web standards evangelism still has some way to go. From a letter to CMS Watch’s Ask Tony:

I work for a company who decided to outsource their website to an external web design company. We had many problems from the start dealing with the designers since they were dead against anything flashy on the site and kept on insisting it had to be full-bore Bobby standard and compliant with certain web standards.

The correspondent provides this as an example of “bad consultancies in the UK”, and goes on to complain that the implementation of a CMS where each page is generated dynamically was directly responsible for a catastrophe in their Google ranking. Having said that, it does seem that their CMS implemented URLs based on a query string (methinks I see the hand of PHP here), which may actually be a valid point.


  1. Web standards != “not much more than text on a page with links”
  2. Generate-on-demand CMS != Google-unfriendly URLs

The transformation of woking.gov.uk into a CSS-driven bonanza begins very soon now.