Elements or Lower

Thu, 06 May 2004

What’s in a name?

So after probably a full year of dithering, I finally start my blog. I’ve had this domain kicking about for even longer than that, originally with the intent of creating a site around a set of short stories I had in mind, entitled Elements or Lower. The idea of the stories was that each would explore a different topic fundamental to what makes a person a person — memory, sensory perception, self-identity and so on. I never got round to writing more than a couple, even though the idea for the series of stories is around ten years old now.

Unbelievably, that’s not even me at my most pretentious. Go back a further five or six years, to being a teenager, and we get into some truly awful territory. I had the opportunity to look back through my GCSE English coursework a few weeks ago, where I’d submitted a fairly substantial wad of creative writing I’d undertaken with sincere self-belief and an alternating obsession between the basis of a novel exploring the mythology of Ancient Egypt and (even more worryingly) a set of songs I’d written with my friend James that had no small basis in, of all things, science fiction. James was responsible for the music, and the couple of songs he wrote himself in the same period are just fine. He is therefore exonerated entirely from the project. I pity the poor examiners for having to trudge through it all. Part of me wonders if they saw the coursework folder and gave me a mark purely on the basis of volume.

Anyway, I finally had to admit that I wasn’t about to ever make use of this domain for its original intent, and felt that I might be able to commandeer it for a blog. I wanted to start around a year ago, at the start of my project at work to expand upon my Content Management System for Woking Borough Council. I thought it would be interesting to document the design and implementation process of their new, bespoke CMS.

It would’ve been, an’ all. Each small decision turned into a big can of worms, and I’d like to visit some of them in retrospect over the coming weeks. But I didn’t start blogging it all when I’d wanted because I’d started the actual job, and I thought at the time that when I started a blog, I’d have liked to have written the software that runs it as well. Having now finished the CMS project (more or less), I’ve now reconsidered the wisdom of writing one’s own blogging software as well.

So I decided that, as a member of the Perl faithful, I should redress the overbalance of laziness and hubris with a touch more impatience, and just get on with it at last.