Elements or Lower

Fri, 15 Apr 2005

…and now it’s April

My dedication to this blogging lark is nothing less than extraordinary. The moment a spot of fairly intense work comes along, I abandon the whole thing in favour of scrabbling to meet deadlines. Although things have barely calmed down now, I need to either resume posting or close the blog down altogether. Here’s plumping for another go at it, at least for a further couple of months.

In the meantime, the comment spam has reached frankly alarming proportions. I’d occasionally run through the “writeback” files kept by my blogging system, Blosxom, to clean out the comment spam, but this is a tiresome, manual process — and I just can’t keep up. Coupled with the fact that the comment system on this blog has never worked completely to my liking, I’ve decided to remove the comment facility altogether. I’d like to thank the people responsible for the handful of genuine comments that have been posted, and roast the people responsible for the rest on an inadequately-buttered spit.